CPA in Houston, Texas : Patrick A. Falcon PC CPA

CPA in Houston – Leading The City

Patrick A. Falcon PC CPA heads up a full service CPA in Houston firm that services both professional corporate and public client across the United States. Based in Houston, TX, Patrick A. Falcon offers tax resources and advisement to local Texas customers.  A former officer with the United States Internal Revenue Service—with experience across all areas of IRS problem negotiation—this official CPA in Houston can help you achieve financial freedom as well as relief from the stress of taxes. Let’s take a look below at what our CPA in Houston can offer you.


The financial office of Patrick A. Falcon PC CPA offers the following services:

    • Tax preparation in Houston—assisting both corporate and public clients with proper tax form preparation to maximize return and minimize penalties
    • Tax planning in Houston—analysis of a financial situation from a tax-specific perspectiv to ensure the most tax efficiency (typically for a business)
    • Wealth management in Houston—combines long term financial and investment advice as well as accounting and associated tax services and retirement planning, and legal advisement
    • Retirement planning in Houston—the process of determining and setting retirement goals  as well as the actions and decisions involved in the process of achieving said goals
    • Pension advisement in Houston—counseling on how to plan for and spend your pension payments wisely
    • Business services in Houston—various counsel on business investing, management, and expansion including bookkeeping

The firm of Patrick A. Falcon PC CPA publishes “Tax Tips” every week aimed at providing consumers with useful tax information.  These updates can be a helpful tool for consumers looking for tax cuts, tax reminders, and the most up-to-date tax information.  At the same time, though, this information should be regarded as “general” in nature, which means no consumer should act on them as the definitive fact. Instead, use them as a guide to pursue more specific, situation-based information from a professional.

Our CPA in Houston Tax Tips section offers:

    • A Reference Guide—to understand and learn more about tax terms, investment terms, financial terms, and more
    • A Taxes Quick Guide—with pertinent information about tax deadlines, record keeping requirements, and all the tax numbers you might need for your next filing
    • A Tax Calendar—to help you structure your tax responsibility according to the annual schedule
    • Financial Calculators—to help you determine payments, liabilities, investments, and more
    • Online Advisor—to help you better establish a simple retirement plan
    • FAQs—an itemized list, of course, with more information to address your tax concerns