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Dear Clients and Friends,

The June Supreme Court decision upholding Affordable Care Act provisions eased some concern about the law’s effect on 2015 tax returns. Yet as year-end approaches, Congress once again has a lot of work to accomplish. While comprehensive tax reform is not on the schedule in the final months of 2015, the perennial “extenders” legislation is. When the fate of these 50 or more tax provisions will be finalized is unclear.

What is clear is that delaying your tax planning will equal missed opportunities. Though making sound decisions in the face of uncertainty is difficult, informed action can put you in a position to take advantage of current developments as they unfold.

This Letter is intended to remind you that tax planning is a process, and successful planning favors the prepared. It’s important to weigh the risks and rewards of tax-saving moves you can take now while maintaining the ability to respond rapidly and effectively to the inevitable changes. Get started by reading the suggestions in this Letter. Feel free to share the information with friends and associates. Then call with your questions and to schedule a time to discuss which options will work best for you.