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Payroll Services Houston

Even if you do not live in Houston, TX, the financial advisory services of the offices of Patrick A. Falcon PC CPA might be able to assist you with your personal or corporate money and tax questions. Although the company is based in Houston, of course, the firm makes their tax resources and counsel available to any taxpayer across the United States. And with great experience as a former officer with the United States Internal Revenue Service—addressing the many areas of IRS problem negotiation—their expertise is hard to match.


When you seek the assistance of a Patrick A. Falcon PC CPA professional you can expect guidance in a variety of important financial areas including taxes, of course.

    • assistance in preparing taxes for both public and corporate clients to get the most out of your return every year
    • analyzing your specific tax situation, usually for a business, to make sure you are paying the appropriate taxes—trying to minimize your payments
    • counseling on business investing and management, Payroll services Houston, bookkeeping and corporate expansion


Of course, not every consumer is going to need tax advice. However, you may have found it is time to look to the future and start investing for your retirement. Fortunately, the offices of Patrick A. Falcon PC CPA offer the following investment services:

    • Combine long term financial goals with investment advice and regulated accounting practices to help you make better decisions about your wealth (and potential wealth)
    • Counsel over how to invest and spend your pension
    • Analyzing and structuring a strategy for retirement with specific goals and actions you should take along the way


Just by visiting the Patrick A. Falcon PC CPA website you can get access to valuable tax tips that could help you with many of the most commonly encountered problems and concerns associated with US taxes.

    • There is a reference guide that more deeply explains financial terminology and investment and tax terms
    • A quick taxes guide and calendar that keeps you up to date on deadlines, record keeping, and important tax numbers you need for your filing
    • A financial calculator that can help you project payment and/or return amounts
    • Online advice for, as an example, your retirement planning
    • An itemized FAQ